Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory

Rethinking approaches to Shakespeare and early modern literature for the 21st century

Henry S. Turner

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #12: Henry S. Turner Neema interviews Dr Henry S. Turner. Topics include: post-historicism?; does Marx’s notion of commodity fetishism still have value?; Pierre Bourdieu; The Politics of Truth by Michele Barret; the importance of Roland Barthes; literary theory and the sciences; Jonathan Kramnick’s assessment of Literary Darwinism; mimesis; Shakespeare’s theatrical ‘word […]

David Alderson

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #11: David Alderson Neema interviews Dr David Alderson. In this episode: the influence of new historicism, cultural materialism and Raymond Williams beyond Shakespeare studies; Althusser, Foucault and subjectivity; base and superstructure; ‘neo-liberal hegemony’ and the current uses of Marxist criticism; is capitalism progressive?; Marxism and humanism; the ‘diversified dominant’ and the […]

Steven Mullaney

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #10: Steven Mullaney Neema interviews Professor Steven Mullaney. Topics include: Vietnam, May 68 and the civil rights movement; what footprint did either deconstruction or Derrida leave on Shakespeare studies?; the distinction between new historicism and cultural poetics; Foucault’s ‘spatial’ thinking; Marxism in America; is new historicism ‘textualist’ in the way it […]

Gabriel Egan

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #9: Gabriel Egan Neema talks with Professor Gabriel Egan, author of Shakespeare and Marx, Green Shakespeare and The Search for Shakespeare’s Text. Topics include: criticisms of Foucault’s concept of power; the importance of class; Greenblatt’s use of Clifford Geertz; how the economics of the early modern theatre industry worked; Charles Darwin […]

Andy Mousley

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #8: Andy Mousley Neema interviews Dr Andy Mousley, a leading advocate of ‘literary humanism’. Topics include: F.R. Leavis; Edward Pechter’s critique of new historicism; the death of the aesthetic; ‘residual humanism’; teacup handles and the difference between traditional history and cultural history; emotions and literature; cathexis; and the distinctiveness of literature.

Lisa Hopkins

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #7: Lisa Hopkins Neema is joined by Professor Lisa Hopkins to discuss, among other things: feminism; A.P. Rossiter and Shakespeare’s ambivalence; the ‘post-theory’ moment; subjectivity, contradiction and the coexistence of two competing ideas at the same time; women in The Hobbit; breastfeeding, nature and nurture; Victorian uses of Darwinian theory; did […]

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