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Welfare Cards

Every week between September – December Mentors handed out welfare cards to their allocated mentees, we covered topics including fire safety and generally keeping safe at Surrey, tips for successful communal living, mental health and living off campus. We are looking forward to our Mentors starting back with us in semester two, where we will […]

Words of Encouragement

It’s been really encouraging to learn how much students are choosing to take positive actions based on their Student Life Mentors recommendations, for example, taken from this week’s Mentor reports: “Karl had gone and got the meningitis shot after receiving the welfare card from Student Life Mentoring.”  “After speaking to X last week about issues regarding her […]

UUK ‘Changing the Culture’ report published.

UUK established a taskforce in November 2015 to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting students. The aim was to bring together students, university experts and external organisations to consider the current evidence, the work that universities are already doing to address these issues and what more needs to be done.The final report is here:  

A working group has developed policy/procedures to align with many of the issues contained in the report. This new policy is listed as item 22 on the Student Support policies page

A related set of recommendations was endorsed by EB on 17 Nov and will be taken forward by the group over the next 6 months.

Talk to us – we want to listen and help

“Talk to us – we want to listen and help” is the message on coasters that our Student Life Mentors have been handing out to all of our first year residential students over the past few weeks. The Cameron Grant Memorial Trust have produced coasters (personalised with Surrey contact details), to encourage students not to bottle […]

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