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Eurocrypt 2020

My name is Bruno Sterner and as of October 2019, I am a PhD student in the Secure Systems Research Group. My research looks into the security, efficiency and the underlying mathematics of post-quantum isogeny-based cryptosystems. These schemes, such as SIDH, SIKE, CSIDH etc, rely on the hardness of computing isogenies between supersingular elliptic curves. […]

Cyber Security Winter School 2020

Our PhD students comment on their attendance at the Cyber Security Winter School 2020, held in Newcastle in January 2020. Figure 1: Image credited to University of Bristol & Newcastle University “During the end of January I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the PhD Winter School in Cyber Security. This event was […]

Females of the Future

“The fact that these women don’t use their degrees to work was fascinating to me. This claim means it’s okay if what you learn in school doesn’t relate to what you do in the workplace. What matters is your ability to learn on the job, adapt and apply what you learn to produce results.”

Gregory Chockler appointed as new Professor in Computer Science

Gregory Chockler will join the University in January as a Professor in Computer Science Gregory ( is currently a professor in Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he leads Distributed and Global Computing group. He joined RHUL in 2012 and prior to joining was a Research Staff Member at IBM Research. Professor […]

CS Seminar: Olga Isupova (University of Oxford), “Dynamic topic models for video analysis and scene understanding” 2pm, Thu. 11th April

Dear all,   You are invited to the CS Department Seminar on “Dynamic topic models for video analysis and scene understanding”, by Dr Olga Isupova from the University of Oxford.   Please note that the seminar takes place on a Thursday afternoon due to the time conflict with the staff meeting on the previous day. More details can be […]

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