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Gender Equality in HE

Committees with Implicit Biases Promote Fewer Women when They Do Not Believe Gender Bias Exists. A paper by Isabelle Régner et al. about biases in hiring committees and how to try and compensate them. Its finding highlights the importance of educating evaluative committees about gender biases. Moving Academia beyond the Gender Binary. A paper by […]

Race Equality in HE

Access & Participation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities in UK Postgraduate Research – Policy Briefing ( Following the recent notice of a joint Research England and Office for Students funding competition to reduce inequalities in postgraduate research, the UK Council for Graduate Education created a Policy Briefing giving an overview of access and participation […]

Continuing the Anti-Racist Agenda at the Doctoral College

Back in June this year, the Doctoral College sent out a message to all its researchers declaring its support for the Black Lives Matter campaign and its recognition of the existing racial inequalities in UK Higher Education. Since this time, members of staff within the Doctoral College have tried to take significant steps forward to help make our research environment more inclusive. Here is a summary of some of the things we have been doing…  […]

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