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Building to learn at the University of Surrey

Law Outreach Summer School at Surrey

A wonderful example below of a model created by a small group of year 11s (15 years old) from one of Surrey’s consortium schools on the outreach programme. The students were tasked with building a representation of ‘the Law’ using Lego. They had just 10 minutes, and amongst the many and varied interpretations, some very narrative […]

Bridging the Communication Gap: Interdisciplinary Conversations

I recently ran a workshop for a one-off event called Bridging the Communication Gap: Interdisciplinary Conversations. This brought together 20 researchers of all levels from engineering, physics and biosciences to explore communication across their disciplines. The aim of the workshop was to get people thinking about how to communicate with others outside of their discipline […]

Multi-sensory meaning making on the Grad Cert programme

Reflections on our first Grad Cert workshop: I was recently asked to run a session for staff from across faculties (tutors, lecturers, PhD researchers) undertaking the Grad Cert in Learning and Teaching, run by our Department of Higher Education. So along with colleagues Julia Anthoney and Heather Barker from SPLASH, we facilitated a session focused on exploring the […]

Building research

To be able to make the best use of search techniques for your literature search it’s important to have a clear understanding of your topic and research questions. However, many literature searching workshops focus solely on learning how to use the tools and techniques available. Rachel and I were keen to explore the potential for […]

Welcome to our new ‘making’ space

We’re very excited to be finally sharing some of our fun, experimental and creative learning development projects with you. Over the coming weeks and months look out for pictures and reviews of our workshops and events with both students, researchers and staff, with feedback about what worked (and what didn’t!) and an insight into our thinking and our own learning […]

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