Meet Your Blogger: Jake Willson


My name is Jake Willson and I’m enrolled on the PhD programme at the University of Surrey, researching musical composition. At the time of writing, I’m heading towards the middle of my first year of post-graduate research, and as such, I’m making early attempts to define the boundaries – and indeed the focus – of my research.
I will be using this blog to give an informal account of my activities as a composer, researcher and musician at the University of Surrey, as well as commentary on relevant news and issues.
So here’s a little something to get the ball rolling:

This is a ‘score-to-sound’ video of a piece called the “Red Meat Suite” that I wrote for chamber ensemble in my final year as an undergraduate. It draws inspiration from the output of jazz musicians that I particularly admire; the work’s 3 movements are dedicated, respectively, to John Scofield, Thelonius Monk and John McLaughlin. Incidentally, rather than stating this fact outright, and to avoid it being too obvious, I was driven by the colourfulness of the resulting gibberish, to ‘portmanteau’ each of their names as movement titles: I. Jofield, II. Thelonk and III. Jaughlin. The inevitable questions from the curious about what the movement titles mean has now become a slight nuisance and a chore to explain; for all the cheap-mystique and charm of these ‘neologisms’, I doubt I’ll employ this technique again! Cynicism aside, I do hope you enjoy the piece and feel moved enough to visit my ‘Soundcloud’ page (at ) and have a listen to what I have been busy working on, both, as a performer and as a composer.

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I look forward to hearing from you!