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Planetary exploration: a geotechnical engineer’s contribution

When people talking about the planetary exploration, you may think it is an ambitious task for engineers working in aerospace engineering, satellite navigation, automatic control, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, material science, and manufacture. But are you aware that there is also contribution from geotechnical engineers?

Embankment Engineering

Long term serviceability and aesthetics of any civil work require the application of combined skills throughout the design and during construction.  The use of natural materials for building embankments is a case where this exercise can be successfully conducted.  We tend to imagine an embankment as a naive construction having a trapezoidal cross section and […]

SmartEN Project – A short introduction

As an Early Stage Researcher for SmartEN, I would like to shortly introduce you to this European-based Project. SmartEn is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Comission under the 7th Framework Programme – Marie Curie Actions. It focuses on one of the main challenges nowadays in Civil Engineering: manage the built environment […]