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This post is written in both Chinese and English.

Xin Yang



我在 2013 年来到萨里大学攻读硕士学位,在完成硕士学位后又决定继续攻读博士学位。可能与大家通常印象中的博士生活不同,我觉得我的博士生活充实又有趣。在未来的文章中我会详细介绍在萨里大学攻读博士是一种怎样的体验,所以别忘了关注我未来的博客更新!





Greetings to whoever reading this post!

I am Xin, currently a 2nd year PhD Electronic Engineering student and a Chinese Student Ambassador at the University of Surrey. I originally came from Harbin, China, where is incredibly beautiful (and extremely cold) in winter. It locates in the Northeast China; just in case you are planning to pay a visit and don’t know where it is yet.

I came to Surrey in 2013 to pursue my MSc degree. After finishing MSc, I decided to continue to take PhD study; and I’m glad I did. PhD life is rather unique and enjoyable. Such description is quite contradictory to the stereotype, isn’t it? I will explain more in following posts to introduce what the PhD life really looks like at Surrey, so please keep an eye on my future updates.

Oh right, please don’t forget I am also an engineering student. If you are an engineering student or are considering to undertake an engineering degree and would like to talk with me, please don’t hesitate to do so; the topic does not have to be PhD-related. I am more than happy to talk about my experience as an engineering student at Surrey, which is amazing for sure.

This is pretty much for today’s post. I can’t wait to share more with you in future posts. If there is anything you are particularly interested in, please just leave a comment below. (or in the right?)

Wonderful things happen here. Talk to you soon!