4th Annual Sport Day – won by the Undergrads!


By Connor Leeding

Thanks to everyone for their involvement in the Computing Department’s 4th Annual Sports Day, which took place at the Spectrum on the 7th February 2014. The afternoon saw over 55 computing students (Final Year Undergraduates, Masters and PhD), staff and sponsors all competing against each other within a number of sporting activities. Our sponsors included – Consult Hyperion, EDF Energy, Gold-I, IBM and Thales all of whom share close ties to the university and kindly contributed towards the event. The day undoubtedly witnessed an excellent sporting performances and team spirit throughout, whilst being held within a friendly-competitive environment. The games began with table tennis and badminton, which were both vastly dominated by the staff and sponsors (Note to future students: Begin practising early! You are seriously going to need it).

Football, a popular sport attracted a great number of undergraduates and saw the creation of multiple undergraduate teams. At times, the matches played were extremely intense with deciding goals being scored in the final minutes of time but, ultimately the undergraduates came out on top in this one. Volleyball and basketball also showcased some intense play, with combined staff and PhD teams doing particularly well.

The highlight of the day was awarded to the fun games event. Perhaps the most anticipated event held within the tradition but highly feared by all. Students and staff alike embarrassed themselves in the hopes of becoming victorious overall. GU2 DJ and MSc student Andy Smith hosted the fun mini-games, as well as providing music and live-running commentary throughout the afternoon. If you did not witness the staff and students crawling through one another’s legs and sliding across the arena floor then you clearly missed out.

The activities were followed by the awards ceremony and a delicious buffet, generously provided by the sponsors. The results were in, and although perhaps a narrow win by just 1 point separating the winners apart, the undergraduates had done it and were triumphant in their quest to win back the title (after losing out to the staff the previous year). Medals and trophies were presented to the teams and winners by Dr Rick Woods, The Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching. The list of winners are summarised below:-

Sport Medal Team Winners
Table Tennis Gold Staff James, Yam
Table Tennis Silver Staff Bogdan, Ramon
Table Tennis Bronze Postgraduate Po-Chou, Stathis
Badminton Gold Staff Tony, Adrian
Badminton Silver Postgraduate Wissam, Yam
Badminton Bronze Postgraduate Hanif, Syamsul
Football Gold Undergraduate Rafy, John, Connor, Demetris, Jean
Volleyball Gold Staff Tony, Bogdan, Steve, Sotiris, Ramon, Murat
Basketball Gold Staff/Postgraduate Sotiris, Bogdan, Spencer, Yam, Wissam, Stathis
Overall Winner Thales Shield Undergraduate Undergraduate Team

Overall the event was a fantastic day out and enjoyed much by everyone. The informal occasion also provided many great networking opportunities for the students with the industry sponsors. Congratulations to all the winners, and a massive thank you to everyone who participated, the event organisers, and of course the sponsors. Will the staff claim back the title next year? Only time will tell.