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Jay Bennett, BSc Computer Science graduate 2011. I’m faced with an interesting situation as I begin to write this post, I am a graduate of the University of Surrey’s Computing department, already looking fondly back on my time as a student and cautiously optimistic about my future. Putting that aside I’ve been asked to share […]

Keeping one step ahead

Matthew Rixon, BSc Computer Science graduate 2011 My final year project could not have been more appropriate today than ever before. Working with the latest in CCTV surveillance its aim was to detect suspicious activity in urban areas and flag events that should be investigated as well as acting in support of CCTV operators. The […]

Day 1 – a different world!

Having come directly from undergraduate studies at Surrey, the initial step felt surprisingly seamless – partly due to joining as a post-graduate two weeks before actually graduating. The warm welcome and provisioning provided by the administrative staff is amazing and ensured that I slotted in and felt part of things super fast. I quickly came […]

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