When does the dancing stop?


Does the dancing stop when the body ages?

In 2004 Ann Dickie invited me to dance with her company From here to maturity – in a duet that Matthew Hawkins ‘tailor’ made for himself and me.  I didn’t anticipate that dancing as an older person would feel … as fresh but much richer than it did when I was 20 … and that I would be hooked.  Matthew’s piece Raft of Reasons anticipated my curiosity. Fascinated by the questions that reflect on life as an ageing person in and out of the dance studio, over the next four weeks we will be exploring

‘what IS a mature dance?’

Susie Crow my long term collaborator on Ballet Independents’ Group (BIG) activities (and fellow BIG woman!) will be a regular contributor as we ponder –  through dancing – some questions about ballet, improvisation, ageing, the visible and the invisible marks of time.

And blog our ideas, thoughts and processes to excite your posts….