ballet pasts …

Day one: Susie and me, Ivy Dance Studio.

Re-searching how we live and dance today with the legacy of our ballet pasts, we unearth discomforts and delights. Our range of movement and fitness is limited. The body/mind must carry and manage old injuries and hang-ups. This research has to fit into the other parts of our worlds; teaching, writing, domestic and social responsibilities etc.

The limitations are offset by having the opportunity to focus on shared questions, the joy of moving and curiosity about alternative ways of expressing each our ‘own dance’ and bringing a personal ballet past … into the present.

And today as mature dancers, I remind myself , we are unencumbered by ready–made models (ah for the ballet dancer in a form that “has already done so much ‘speaking’” – this is a kind of bliss!)

In a check list of the plus/minus of dancing and ageing  – we perhaps find more in the credit column … and ambiguity in spades.  But – is the colour of ambiguity grey?   Note to self – review the grey practice wear.  And look forward to exploring colour in our design workshop with Malcolm McInnes on Wednesday.