Black History Month 2021 – Black Scholars’ Hall of Fame: Prof Ben Carson

For Black History Month, the DC have asked members of the Surrey Research Community to nominate a Black scholar who has inspired them

‘Gifted Hands’ by Prof Ben Carson M.D.

This week Surrey Teaching Fellow and SEED member Ihinosen Jane Ovbude nominates PROFESSOR BEN CARSON

“There are many Black scholars I can draw inspiration from, both male and female. However… one that comes to mind is Professor Ben Carson. No one is perfect, but his life story (up until he went into into politics) inspires me. He had a mother whose academic background was nothing to write home about and a Pastor father who later turned out to be a bully, ending the marriage in divorce. His mother, now a single parent, raised her children by cleaning rich peoples’ homes but ensuring that the boys went to the library daily, read, summarised the books and fed back to her the day’s reading for a reward. This saw young Ben move from the back of the classroom to the forefront, where he later led his class. Ben became a Neurosurgeon and his ground-breaking neurological feat has a place in American history. Two of his books include: Think Big; Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence and Gifted Hands. They are inspiring for the young people who care to read through, especially young Black boys”.