Final Semester at Surrey & Dissertation Update

Hi everyone! Its been a while since my last post, the stress of final year got the better of me and my last few weeks have mainly consisted of long days in the lab and the library.¬†While some other course only have at most two modules next to the final year project, I have three with a number of assignments and tests due during the semester. In addition to this, I’m spending a few hours in the lab¬†nearly every day to do experiments for my final year project and am trying to plan my life post-Surrey. Not easy!

On a more positive note, after lots of weeks in the lab my lab partner and I finally have got some results. As so often is the case in research, some steps kept failing without any indication of what was wrong. After what feels like at least 100 trials, we finally have two clones which we can perform further experiments with. We also have our dissertation seminar coming up next week, which I will cover in a separate blog post for you, so we’re relieved to be able to present something. Our supervisor advised us to stop our experiments just before the Easter break so we have enough time to actually write the dissertation, which gives us about two more weeks in the lab. It’s been a stressful, but also an exciting experience so far! After my placement year at Trinity, I feel quite confident in a lab setting and am happy to perform certain methods myself, so being able to do my own research project here at Surrey has been great! Having said that though, I also cannot wait to be finished with our experiments and have more time for other things again.

As I am planning to do a masters degree back in Germany, this is not only my final semester at Surrey, but also in England (at least for now). So I am determined to remember it not only as an extremely busy and stressful, but also as a great last semester, filled with lots of exciting events, trips to London, sunny afternoons at the lake and dinner nights with friends. The thought that this entire experience of studying at Surrey will come to an end in a few months time has really made me appreciate the amazing time I’ve had here, the great friends I’ve made and how much I have come to love the English culture. Although I am super happy about my choice and cannot wait to go back home for my masters, I know how much I will miss things like the familiar interaction and the politeness of English people, the campus lifestyle you have at Surrey and the British humor! Although I’m moving back to Germany, England will always be my second home and I’m sure I’ll come back and visit many times.

With this in mind, stay tuned for more frequent blog posts in the next few weeks about trips to Richmond Park, London and a special Team Surrey event.

Have a wonderful day!