Research Seminar: Tuesday 1st December

The role of others in changing health behaviours

There is ample empirical evidence to verify the association between various types of social influences and health behaviours, but what does the experimental evidence look like?

Does changing social influence help people to become healthier?

In this talk, I will consider these issues in the context of health behaviours (including diet, physical activity, weight loss, alcohol intake).

I will present (published and unpublished) findings from a range of experimental studies testing behavioural interventions to promote better health.

The interventions presented either target perceptions of social influences (such as beliefs regarding whether a behaviour is approved or disapproved) or encourage individuals to work together or against each other in order to achieve a particular health-related goal.

Some of these interventions appear to yield promising findings; others appear to be less promising.

Dr Andrew Prestwich
University of Leeds

4.00pm to 5.00pm in 01AC02