Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory

Rethinking approaches to Shakespeare and early modern literature for the 21st century

Michael Egan

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #18: Michael Egan Was Shakespeare really William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon, or was he, in fact, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford? Neema interviews Professor Michael Egan, editor of The Oxfordian, about this question to help you make up your own mind …

Ros King

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #17: Ros King Neema interviews Professor Ros King about the perceived dichotomy between presentism and historicism, the importance of dramaturgy, Elizabethan war manuals, ways of playing Ophelia in Hamlet, why the Scrivener is the most important character in Richard III and more.

Alison Assiter

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #16: Alison Assiter Neema interviews the feminist philosopher Professor Alison Assiter about feminism, universalism, cultural relativism, Kierkegaard, women in academia, and many other topics.

Andrew Hadfield

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #14: Andrew Hadfield Neema interviews Professor Andrew Hadfield. Topics include: cultural materialism vs. practical criticism; comparing Dollimore and Sinfield with F.R. Leavis; has historicism come too far or should we return to form?; considering aesthetic value and judgements; Adorno and The Frankfurt School; questions of the literary canon; and Shakespeare’s politics.

Harold Veeser

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #13: Harold Veeser Neema speaks with Professor Harold Veeser. In this episode: experiences of studying under Edward Said; the birth of the theory journal; how new historicism collapsed traditional divisions between historical scholarship and criticism; the movement for ‘professionalism’ in the US academy in the 1980s; the development of Marxist theory […]

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