Support Teams prepare to Welcome new students

All University support services teams are now preparing to welcome our next intake of freshers in Oct 2015.

The Welcome Steering group continues to meet with input from the registration working group, move in working group and central welcome event working group.

Final changes to the welcome website are being made in preparation for it going live at: We’ve also re-designed our website for returning students, bringing together relevant information and advice links through:

Once students arrive the Student Information Desk (SID) team are there to handle a range of enquiries, during the first 8 weeks of term our enquiries quadruple from their usual 800 per week to 3500 enquiries on average.

During the first few weeks our Money advisors are there to help and resolve any delays with Student Loan Company funding or errors with assessments, we can provide a range of information, advice and guidance on budgeting and keep costs under control, see Money Matters.

Our international support team continue to advise students pre-entry and are working hard to prepare airport arrival teams for a great welcome. New students will be welcomed in accommodation by student support mentoring teams and residential staff wardens, then attend a series of welcome events, for information click here.