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The security certificate that eduroam uses is being updated on Friday 30 November. Devices such as your phone and laptop could show an alert and stop connecting. If they do, you might need to ‘forget’ and reconnect to the eduroam network after this date. What will it look like?    How to forget a network:     […]

Surrey Software – How Surrey is at the Leading Edge of Software Management

IT Services For many people across the Surrey campus, IT Services are those faceless names on ‘loss of service’ emails when a large system is going down. Or, if you’ve been less lucky, support ticket acknowledgements when your individual computer has decided it’s not playing, just as you were doing something really important. Basically, you […]

Surrey IT’s Guide to Smartphone Security and Backup

CatCuddlePhoneWhen it comes to smartphones, the ability to talk to people seems quite unremarkable these days. Modern mobiles are portable computing powerhouses that allow us to do more than the laptops of only a few years back could dream of. Like our computers though, these functions can be preyed upon by bad folk after your personal data to ultimately make a bit of money off your misfortune. Happily, there are things you can do to guard against this and reduce the impact should something happen.

Better learning & teaching spaces for you

Over the last 12 months, University IT has been busy upgrading Audio Visual systems in a number of learning & teaching spaces across campus.

Some of the latest areas to be updated include 07AZ01 and 12 rooms within the Duke of Kent Building. The newly installed systems have been developed by IT with input from AV consultants, users and representatives from University departments with a focus on maximizing the end user experience.

The new systems deliver improved usage quality and increased functionality including Blu-ray playback, HDMI connectivity and a digital overhead projector. Over time, we will aim to deliver these standard systems to all learning & teaching spaces to ultimately enhance your learning experience.  desk

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