Females of the Future

by Deborah Mepaiyeda

On March 19, 2020, I attended Females of the Future, a program by PwC. Its purpose is to inspire, and support women thinking about their future professions and who might be considering a career with PwC. 

The main focus of this program is to promote diversity and educate young women about what it’s like to work in professional services especially Accounting and Technology.

The event started with an introduction to PwC — its involvement in the community, and its passion for diversity. 

Even though the coronavirus spread forced the program from in-person to virtual, there were various benefits to it. 

I learned a lot about PwC through this event. Here are some interesting facts about them.

  • PwC is passionate about maintaining diversity in the company through organisations like HeforShe and giving back to the community. 
  • The company encourages staff to get involved by mentoring others. 
  • PwC’s mission is to have 1 million women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce. 

Listening to the Females of the Future panel was my highlight. The group consisted of three women from PwC’s Business sector. They all shared how their career paths to working for PwC hadn’t been linear. One of them stood out to me – her name is Michelle. 

Michelle mentioned how she has a degree in Actuarial Science but didn’t enjoy working with it – she now works in Accounting and enjoys it.

The fact that these women don’t use their degrees to work was fascinating to me. This claim means it’s okay if what you learn in school doesn’t relate to what you do in the workplace. What matters is your ability to learn on the job, adapt and apply what you learn to produce results.

PwC also discussed what their interviews entail and tips on how to succeed in them. Their advice educated me on how to be my best to secure a full-time role.

Events such as PwC’s Females of the Future provide lots of benefits, which include the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, learn more about the company, get career-related or personal advice and develop your interpersonal skills. 

Networking events such as this provide all these benefits and more. I have been to quite a few and highly recommend them. 

Although the event was virtual, I took away quite a few things from it:

  • You don’t need lots of experience in a position—most times you learn on the job.
  • You must be willing to learn and ask questions.
  • It is vital to seek feedback on ways to improve.
  • You may not be sure of what you want to do after you graduate—but know that the path to your career is never straight.

The event taught me a lot about PwC. It provided me with professional advice and encouraged me as a woman in technology. I look forward to attending similar events, and I recommend them to women seeking a career in technology.